Collaboration between Monitor Marine & Drallim Group

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A scoping discussion between a prominent European shipyard and Monitor Marine around an upcoming refit project catalysed a collaboration between Monitor Marine and the Drallim Group, who are leading manufacturers of certified helicopter lashings.

The project centres around a helipad on an existing >100m vessel which is an occasional home to its Owner’s EC135, and it is the ideal application for the Monitor Marine Type 7516 Self-Aligning Helicopter Deckplate.

“The Monitor 4-Bar Tiedowns have minimal impact in an installation like this because they’re incredibly small for the working loads for which they are designed. For this project they present the smallest possible visual intrusion into the incredibly clean lines of the teak deck” said Neil Cramb of Monitor Marine.

For this refit project the vessel is going to be compliant with all of the certifying bodies, so they have elected to use Drallim’s NATO-approved MC1 webbing lashings for the Eurocopter. The 3000lb lashings will interface magnificently with the 7516 Deckplates, ensuring a robust, good-looking solution, and ensure the peace-of-mind this type of attention to detail commands. Once at sea, the yacht’s pristine helideck will be left clutter-free and flush thanks to the integrated 7516.